Have fun and try your luck at Casinos Winner Group – CIRSA

Have you ever visited a casino?
Do not miss one of the most fun and exciting experience at any of our casinos. Get our loyalty card CIRSA CLUB WINNER and get even more benefits. Follow the steps below:
1. Get your card with the cashier or at the counter .
2. Determine how much you want to invest in fun
3. Recharge your card at the cashier.
4. Slide your card into a terminal of your choice.
5. Choose your game level.
6. Ready? Have fun!

Play Poker

It is one of the most popular card games in the world where the combinations are important depending on the ty of game. Some of the moves or hands: Pair, Two Pair, Trio, Ladder, Color, Full House, Poker, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.
At Winner Group casinos, you can participate in the Super Poker Progressive from $ 1,000 to find different ways for you to choose the one you like:
• Texas Hold’em
• Winner 4 Poker
• Texas Hold’em Bonus



One of the most exciting games in the casino. Let yourself be seduced by the sound of the ball which ends its journey in the cylinder. It is a really simple game, you have to try to guess the number and color the ball will land on.

Black Jack

An exciting game that takes place between the bank represented by the casino and the players. The winner is the one who gets the highest score without exceeding 21 points, determined by the sum of the cards initially received and subsequently requested.
Find different types of Black Jack in our casinos
• Traditional Black Jack
• Black Jack Double Expouse
• Black Jack Majestic

Winner Baccarat

Spread over one by one, four cards, two for the player and two to the house, however there are times when a third card is removed. The game begins by placing a bet on the player, house or tie, if several players are involved they can pass, but if everyone passes the bet is divided.
The hand that gets the closest to 9 wins. When the player and banker total the same score, the hand is declared a tie.