We can safely say that the WPS is the largest tournament in Colombia, since in its more than 14 editions it has gathered thousands of poker lovers, from different corners of Colombia, Latin America and even Europe, as well as different profiles, from expert players who train during the year in local tournaments, players who have migrated from the online game to the live game attracted by great prizes to players who have just dabbled in the poker world, all with one thing in common: the passion for this game .

The WPS has become the space in which expert players congregate after long periods of training in local tournaments, who seduced by adrenaline and rewards give their all in the days of the event to receive recognition of being a true “teacher”.

Thanks to the tournament the level of play in Colombia has risen, as many of the participants assure, because by gathering great national and international players, they can learn from all attendees. This is how the WPS continues to be the largest poker tournament in Colombia, marking and leading the way.

This event has a coverage of the highest level, with a production that is prepared well in advance, carried out by professional people who focus on capturing and sharing the great emotions of this fascinating mental sport.

During the 14 editions held since 2014 between Bogotá, Medellín and Cali, the tournament has become a key reference in the country, not only because of the deployment it entails since its preparation takes 3 months of work with the organization and logistics of More than 100 people, who from different roles support this great event, but also for its spectacular guaranteed and high level of players that we can find.

In its third stop in the city of Medellin, the WPS 2019 stock market achieved a large accumulated of $ 366,000,000 that was distributed among the winners. It was a tournament full of adrenaline and high expectations, where national and international players gathered to prove that they are true masters of poker.

In the new edition of the WPS, whose motto this year is recorded as “The struggle to be the best”, which will have 4 stops in 2 main cities; Medellín and Bogotá, being the headquarters of the fourth and last stop of the year from November 18 to 24.

During this stop, the WPS guaranteed is $ 250,000,000 and will have as parallel ally the different satellite tournaments so that any poker lover can enjoy this incredible poker experience.

During the first three stops of the tournament, $ 945’000,000 have been awarded only in the Main Event, not counting the alternate tournaments, in which the winners are also rewarded with the bags equivalent to each alternate tournament.

In each edition of the tournament have participated more than a thousand players, who meet to measure their level and prove they are the best. Many of them win their place in alternate tournaments that are held a month before the Main Event, and at the same time it serves as preparation to prove they are the best.